We mentioned in one of our earlier posts – Blindfold Reading -  that we had enrolled Tammy in a midbrain activation program  which activates a person’s mid-brain (also known as mesencephalon) thereby allowing him/her to use both brains instead of using predominantly only one-side of the brain. The benefits of this midbrain activation are said to include improvement in memory, concentration, creativity and self-confidence. Any talents a child has, can be unleashed multiple folds (be it academic, music or sports). The child is also said to be more emotionally stable with a balanced character.

Some friends were curious how the midbrain activation is done. I was and still curious too. The instructors are careful to guard that information and no parents are allowed into the room. However, we are told that the midbrain activation is done through play, games, music and sound.

When I asked Tammy what went on in the room, she said that they were exposed to a variety of extremely loud sounds of high frequency/pitch. I did some research and discovered that sounds can actually create shapes. This video demonstrates the visualisation of cymatics (study of sound and vibrations) by sprinkling sand on a metal plate and vibrating the plate through sound.

Midbrain Activation?Midbrain Activation?

Could this be how midbrain activation is done?

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  1. Jonathan says:

    Hi Tammy’s Mummy,

    Nice site. I was doing some research about midbrain activation and came across your site. I’m wondering if this course is for adults? It seems that it’s all for kids. Also, which organization conducted the course that your daughter went to? Cheers!

    • Mummy says:

      Hi Jonathan,

      The course is currently only for children from between ages of 5/6 years old to about 12/13 years old. When Tammy attended the course, they mentioned they are looking into developing one for adults. I’m not sure if it has come to fruition yet. My daughter attended the one by GMC. I know they run preview talks (Think it’s conducted on weekly). Do let me know if you need their contact email to get in touch with them. Cheers.

  2. Kk says:

    Hello Tammy’s mummy,

    I hv recently been introduced to mid brain activation, I was doing research and came to your site. It has been three months plus since you sent Tammy fr the course, how has it been so far?

    • Mummy says:

      Hi KK,

      To be frank, I haven’t practised with Tammy after she attended the session. Her current skin condition makes it difficult for her to achieve a happy and relaxed state which is required. I do hope to get her back into it when her skin gets better. But I feel you should not take her case as the typical outcome. I do know of many other people whose children have had tremendous success.

      Good luck!

  3. Shirley says:

    Hi Tammy’s Mummy,

    You mentioned “they were exposed to a variety of extremely loud sounds of high frequency/pitch.”

    Will the loud sounds affect their hearing?

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I’m looking forward to let my child attend the workshop next year. ;p

    • Mummy says:

      Hi Shirley, noticed lots of mums that write in have the name Shirley. :) Anyway, no, it didn’t affect my daughter’s hearing. So don’t worry!

  4. MamaX says:

    Hi Hi, I would like to share that both my kids went thru the course. And the result is amazing! I could not believe what my girl can do. I kept repeating and she will always gives me the perfect 100% correct answer, and all done blindfolded. Let me know if any one would like to know more. I am glad to share.

  5. ray says:


    may i know what were they done in the room and beside of the music/sound what else they gave to the children. Thanks.

  6. bridget says:

    Hello Tammy’s mummy,

    Its been a year since your child has sttended this activation. Apart from the ability to “see” while blindfolded, could you share with us how has this program helped to improve her memory, focus, creativity?

    Thank you.


  7. Fsteh says:

    Hi mamaX :

    May I know the contact ? Thanks so much.

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